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Family Reunions

Our fine products have been the choice of many upscale family reunion planners over the years. It is a great way to instill family pride! Give a fine quality gift that will become a family treasure for generations to come! Personlize the gift by adding your family name, reunion spot or date to our beautiful products to instantly add class to your family gathering. We can put your family coat of arms, ancestral family home or other art on a host of products including dinnerware, mugs, engraved glassware, totebags, keepsake boxes, wooden trays.

Every family has a resident genealogist. Years are spent compiling the details of generation after generation, tracing their comings and goings. And what do you have to show for it? A few charts with facts and dates. Perhaps a book if you've 'finished' your research (I hear all the genealogists snickering). Let's celebrate our family history with something we want to hold and display. A precious item that will spark conversations and hold memories. Choose a few motifs from your family and we can create art for you that can embellish mugs, fine china, engraved wood ornaments and, yes, even t-shirts. We can put this one-of-a-kind art on any item in our 56-page catalog (we do have minimim orders, but that may be as few as eight pieces!)

You might choose a photo of an ancestor, or a motif from the family business (perhaps they were cotton farmers or blacksmiths by trade), an icon from the home country (thistles for the Scottish for example) or an image of the home or farmstead. Its time to pick out a few important symbols of your family and call Lois at 1-800-327-5532.

Coupe Plate with custom image of a family homeplaceAt right is a recent example of a family gift commemorating an ancestral home. We created the artwork from a photo provided by the family. And the pencil drawing below was submitted to be placed on a mug for all to enjoy.

custom art on mug

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